Transparent data encryption of an ATA interface

Customer’s needs

Transparent data encryption of an ATA interface with the 256 bit key (hard cryptography)

Our solution
  • The device, composed of a custom software and hardware based on Analog Devices’ digital signal processor ADSP 2182 and XILINX FPGA.
  • The device provides 256 bit key transparent encryption of an ATA interface.
  • The software, written in ADSP assembler, provides an effective management of the data transmission and encryption process.
  • Generation of the keys is implemented using hardware noise generator.
Advantages of the solution:
  • There are no keys and blocks of restricted information in the operating memory.
  • Operating system independence
  • The keys are loaded into the device prior the OS load
Project results

This system is used by several government institutions for the encryption of communications.


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