Satellite communication system Banker 2

Customer’s needs

Creation and implementation of a Ku-band MCPC (Multi channel per carrier)/PAMA satellite communication system for IP traffic and VoIP transmission with a guaranteed QoS

Following components of the system were created:
  • A satellite modem based on Motorola MPC885 processor. The modem features Ethernet 100/10Base-T, E1/T1, RS499 and RS530 interfaces, management interfaces and data encryption tools.
  • A network switch based on MPC866 processor for a regional centre of a satellite network. The switch provides routing of users’ terminals traffic.
  • Software package for a user’s terminal and a regional centre based on RTEMS Operating System. The software allows management of a satellite communication station, IP-routing, bridge, switch and TDMoIP bridge services.

Currently more than 250 satellite communication stations and 20 regional centers are installed for Central Bank of Russia and its departments. These stations are used also by the Pension Capital Fund of Russian Federation and commercial institutions.

The project was executed in association with the satellite modem manufacturer Datum Systems, Inc (San Jose, California)


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