Project RAVIS considered by Russian Goverment

The project of creating the multimedia broadcasting system for mobile users RAVIS considered at the meeting of «Space and Telecommunications» Working Group under the President's Commission of modernization and technological development of economy of Russia. The meeting was held March 1, 2011 in the Ministry of Communications of Russia, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Minister Igor Shchyogolev.

RAVIS provides maximum compression bit rates, while maintaining optimum sound and picture quality, and designed to operate in the range of 65.8 — 74 87.5 — 108 MHz. System can be effective in dense urban areas in the absence of direct line of sight transmitter antenna, as well as in forests, mountains, etc.

The Working Group recognized RAVIS as a prospective project. The project was proposed in a number supported by the federal innovation center Skolkovo.


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