The idea of digital mobile broadcasting concept is based on two things: the frequency band is a limited resource, and computational resources constantly become cheaper.

As a result, modern audio- and video compression technologies enable more efficient use of existing frequency band.

What does it all mean for us? That means that instead of listening to just one FM station we will soon be able to watch TV and receive HD digital sound on the same radio channel. And all this in motion, on every mobile device, whether it is a smartphone, or a car multimedia system.

Technically, everything is already included in the DRM+ standard (accepted as the broadcast standard on August 1st, 2009) and its Russian specification RAVIS.

Now, the challenge is to design and manufacture equipment for new broadcasting infrastructure, and to provide equipment, capable of receiving radio- and video- broadcasts in the new mobile format. Our team has already been occupied with these tasks for more than 2 years.


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